Why Won’t Clients Return Phone Calls or Emails?

Photo by Michael Faes

When you run a business, it’s important to be professional. This means returning phone calls and emails in a timely manner. If your clients have questions about their projects, you probably respond to them within a day or two, depending on how heavy your schedule is. If you respond to them, why wouldn’t they respond to you? After all, it’s their business not yours. Isn’t it important they get back to you immediately in order for you to complete projects on time? Some clients may not have your business ethics.

Clients may not return your phone calls or emails because they’re too busy to stop for a minute to contact you. If this is the case, forget about getting mad about it. Calmly let your clients know that you’ll work on other projects until they have the time to speak to you. Their projects will be put on hold since the lines of communication aren’t open at this time. This will get their attention.

Perhaps your clients are just rude. Maybe you attracted clients that are not that concerned with their projects. Perhaps they’re really laid back and know that the work will be completed in due time. If this is the case, put their projects aside or do as much as you can until you hear from them. You can’t make people call or email you back. Work on other projects until they respond to you.

Maybe your clients are intimidated to call you or are afraid you’ll charge them more for the changes they have. To avoid this, make sure you go over your fees which includes any revisions. Clients will feel more comfortable communicating with you as long as they know they won’t be presented with “hidden” fees.

Whenever you work with clients, it’s necessary to lay the ground rules and set boundaries. For example, you may submit a proposal for work and it’s to be signed by you and the client(s). Perhaps you create a quote before you even submit a proposal. Make sure you stick to your business procedures and forget about cutting any corners. If you aren’t available on weekends, let your clients know that you’re off on Saturday and Sunday unless it’s a dire emergency. Otherwise, your weekend plans could be interrupted.

Communication is what freelance writers do. It’s frustrating when your clients don’t return calls or emails. Stay calm about it. They could have an emergency with family or the business. Stay on top of communications. If the problem persists, you may have to say ‘goodbye’ to your clients.


Have you ever had clients not return your calls or emails? How did you handle it? Share.