What’s Holding You Back from Writing a Novel?

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Do you have a novel inside of you that’s waiting to come out? What’s holding you back? It could be fear, discipline, lack of focus, too many ideas, shaky plot, confidence, etc. holding you back. For me, it’s the discipline of writing a novel without editing and proofreading as I write. I can’t help it. Even when I write blog posts and articles, I have a tendency to edit and proofread as I write. If I could shift from editing and proofreading as I write to writing non-stop, I could write a novel in less than six months!

I have many ideas for YA and fiction novels and have been testing my ideas on the Creative Copy Challenge. I’ve received valuable feedback on all my submissions, especially my recent short stories. Many of the other writers feel as if they’re reading an introduction to my novels when I post my ‘short stories’ using the words provided for the challenge. This is encouraging.

Some of my ideas could translate to the small and big screen. My latest novel idea could become a television series or three feature films (novel would be a trilogy). In order for anyone of this to happen, I must sit at my desk, open my laptop, create a new Word document, and write my novel. Unfortunately, it won’t write itself.

If writing novel is daunting, you could always speak your novel using voice recognition technology. Most laptops and Macs already have this installed. Or, you could purchase voice recognition software. It’s a good idea to have the plot ‘sketched’ out on paper which will make it easier to speak your novel. Another alternative is to hire a ghostwriter or collaborate on the novel with another writer. Either of these will help you write your novel which is half the battle.

If you have a novel or two within you, have the courage to get it on paper or in a Word document. If you’re like me and like to edit and proofread as you write, challenge yourself not to do this. It may be difficult at first, but once you do it, you’ll find it easier to edit and proofread when you finish writing. You could always go back to your ‘old way’s once you’ve completed your novel. The choice is yours!


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