The Fundamentals of SEO for the Average Joe

The Fundamentals of SEO for the Average Joe by Alyssa Ast is a great tool for beginning freelance writers who are new to the world of SEO and SEM. If you’re unfamiliar with SEO and SEM, you’ll find this book easy to follow and use. It’s also a great refresher course for those already familiar with these practices.

Part I: Search Engine Optimization

Some freelance writers don’t understand how to use SEO and SEM, therefore, they miss out on writing opportunities because clients expect writers to know and understand SEO and SEM. Not knowing how to use keywords/phrases and meta tags can cost you money!

Part I of The Fundamentals of SEO for the Average Joe is all about SEO. You’ll discover the benefits of SEO, how to optimize content and website titles, how to find and use keywords and phrases; learn about keyword density, and much more.

When you write content titles you want to use words that grab a reader’s attention like Free, Danger, Warning, How to, Best of, Top 10, and other titles. Alyssa explains that you want to have at least two words between keywords/phrases. For example, “Freelance Writers Find the Best Publishing Information Here.” The primary keyword/phrase is “freelance writers” and the secondary keyword/phrase is “publishing information.”

Alyssa also provides a breakdown of the number of times you should use keywords/phrases. As she says, “it’s simple math.” The key to using keywords/phrases is to ensure your writing flows. Forcing the use of keyword/phrases is not recommended.

You’ll find Part I jammed pack with useful information that will clear up any misunderstandings you may have about SEO. You may feel relieved that you can learn SEO. It’s not as scary as some people make it out to be.

Part II: Search Engine Marketing

According to Alyssa, “Search engine marketing (SEM) is a marketing method used to increase web content traffic and to generate a profit. SEM involves incorporating links within web content to advertisements
and other sites to boost traffic and profit potential. SEO is the foundation of SEM. Content must be search engine optimized prior to incorporating SEM methods or SEM is not possible.”

If you don’t know how to use SEM or may be using it incorrectly, Part II of The Fundamentals of SEO for the Average Joe will clear up misconceptions and answer questions you may have. You’ll learn about hyperlinks and other types of links, outbound links, link building and backlinks, and how to make money with pay per click. Ms. Ast also provides readers with a Glossary which is a handy reference guide.

Final thoughts

Freelance writers who want to learn SEO and SEM will benefit from The Fundamentals of SEO for the Average Joe as will those already experienced with SEO and SEM. This book is great addition to your writing and or technical library of books. Purchase it today and tomorrow you’ll be an expert in SEO and SEM!


Alyssa Ast is the co-owner of The WM Freelance Writers Connection and other WM websites such as The WM Review Connection, The WM Pet Connection, and The WM Parenting Connection. Visit Alyssa Ast’s website to learn more.


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