How to Pitch Your Idea to The Travel Channel?

I have a couple of ideas for The Travel Channel and decided to send them an email. They won’t accept unsolicited ideas or material and will dismiss or disregard ideas sent to them. Here’s an excerpt from their website, “Travel Channel only accepts proposals from established production companies who have previously discussed their idea with […]

Pesky Homophones Can Wreak Havoc on Your Writing

Even the best freelance writers make spelling mistakes, especially when it comes to words that sound the same but are spelled differently. Yes, homophones can drive you crazy if you let them. You can spend hours proofreading your work but still glance over a spelling error. It happens, don’t sweat it. Find your mistake, correct […]

Traveling in 2011: Write about Your Travels and Make Money

I wrote a post about easing into freelance writing through travel writing. If you’re traveling in 2011, write about your travels to establish yourself as a writer and earn extra cash. For example, I entered a contest to win a trip to Japan in 2011. To help me get there, I created a vision board […]

Ease into Freelance Writing with Travel Writing

I never dreamed of being a freelance writer or a travel writer; I fell into it. I visited Edinburgh, Scotland in 2007 to attend The International Fringe Festival which is a big art festival. There are festivals within the International Fringe Festival. There’s the International Book Festival, Military Tattoo Festival, and others. If you’re a […]

Travel and Tourism Promotion Boosts The Bottom Line

I recently drove to Northern California; the East Bay and South Bay areas of San Francisco. Don’t ask me why I chose to drive 12 hours instead of boarding a plane. It was a grueling drive because I was the only driver. I think I’m done with road trips for some time. I did contribute […]