How Marketing Automation Can Deliver Results for Your Business

This is a guest post from Matt Wesson at Pardot; the original post can be found on Paradot. I have not received compensation for this post. I checked out Pardot’s website and testimonials and believe the company could help your small business gain more leads.

Running a successful marketing campaign may seem impossible. There are so many outlets, and so many details to nail down. However, Pardot created an infographic entitled “How Marketing Automation Works” detailing how marketing automation can help you create and run marketing campaign, along with a useful guide to ensure success.

Marketing automation takes all the different aspects of creating and overseeing a marketing campaign, and collects them all into one central hub. From content hosting, to the end product, marketing automation is crucial to a stress-free campaign.

The first step is to upload your content so all of your sales and marketing assets are in one location. Then, create a landing page with a “What You See is What You Get” page builder. The next step is to add a form to the site, and test it-numerous times. Also, you’ll want to build and send emails with a full-featured email builder, so you can create email campaigns and auto-responses. Before you complete this step, make sure that you add in some dynamic content to get the most out of your email.

To make a splash, get the word out via social networking sites; not just Facebook-include Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other formats your company uses. Add in an AdWords Campaign from Google so your content is easier to find, and lastly, track your impact. Keep tabs on who’s talking, and find ways to make your content shine above the rest.

Marketing Automation Can Work for your Business

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