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Last week, I called Cox Cable Communications on behalf of my mom to inquire about a ‘bundle’ package after she didn’t get anywhere with them; she’s been with Cox Cable since the early 1990s. Unfortunately, Cox does not offer loyal customers packaging incentives — not even senior citizen discounts. All of Cox Cable’s promotions are for new customers. Plus, I was given the run-around by the representatives. This made me think about freelance writers and their businesses. Are promotions only for new clients? Or, do loyal clients receive incentives and promotions as well? Believe it or not, your clients could leave you for a freelance writer who understands how to say “Thank you, I appreciate your business,” by giving them incentives here and there.

Developing business relationships is a part of a freelance writer’s business. Let’s face it; you’re not the only freelance writer on the planet. Your clients could easily find another writer who’ll work with their budget along with offering a promotion here and there. Loyal clients deserve as much (if not more) attention as new clients.

Unfortunately, the cable company doesn’t understand that loyal customers are just as important as new customers. Cox Cable’s ‘Customer Care Group’ aka ‘Retention Department’ doesn’t understand that without loyal customers or any customers, they would go out of business. Translation: all employees will be out of work.

Don’t write-off loyal clients by constantly focusing on new clients. Remember, new clients’ will eventually become long-standing clients. It’s a cycle that repeats itself over and over again. If you don’t appreciate your loyal clients, they’ll find a new freelance writer. One who understands that ALL clients are important and without them a freelance writing business does not exist.


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