Freelance Writers Learn How to Communicate

Communication is very important, especially when you’re a freelance writer. It you can’t communicate clearly and concisely, you won’t have any clients and you’re freelance writing career may be over before you know it. Get to the point, make it, and move on from there. People are bombarded by emails, phone calls, and text messages every day. Time is precious; the quicker you can say what you want to say the better.

If you’re trying to increase your business, you may purchase an email listing. If you do this, make sure the recipients know who you are. For example, I received an email from someone wanting me to join Sales Spider. I have no idea who this person was and don’t have a clue as to what Sales Spider is. Why would I join something if I don’t know what it is? I replied to the email and asked who the person was, how they got my email address, and what is Sales Spider? A successful email campaign answers the questions who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Tip: If you send an email to someone, state who you are and what you want. Don’t say type write something like “I’d to communicate with you.” Their reaction could be “communicate about what?” The weather? Global warming? The White House? Be clear and specific. If you want to speak to them about your freelance writing services, say so. If you want to speak with them about collaborating on a project, say so. Time is valuable, don’t waste it!

Freelance writers, the fastest way to lost potential clients is by not communicating who you are. People receive a lot of email today. Most of it will go into the Spam folder but sometimes emails make it into the Inbox. You must let people know who you are and more importantly that you’re a ‘real’ person. There are too many scams and most people will delete emails from people they don’t know. If someone provides you with another person’s email, make sure you write “I spoke with so and so and they told me to contact you because you’re looking for a freelance writer.” The recipient of the email now knows that you’re a ‘real’ person and you have a contact in common with them.

Freelance writers, your world is about communication. If you aren’t an effective communicator, take classes and workshops to enhance your skills and join groups like Toastmasters to polish your speaking skills. Without communication skills, your freelance writing career may be a fantasy. Good luck!


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