Freelance Writers Do You Have Confidence?

Some people are constantly praising others but rarely “toot their own horn.” There’s nothing wrong with complimenting people but if you constantly give them praise, you’re not projecting confidence. You can find many freelance writers around the world. In fact, you may be apart of freelance writing networking groups that have many talented writers. However, you must promote yourself because no one else will do it. If you’re asked to promote an eBook, website, or class, ask your fellow writers to do the same for you. This is known as the reciprocal effect. If the people you ask don’t reciprocate, drop them immediately because they’re only looking out for themselves. There’s nothing wrong with this but you’re not getting paid to be their publicist!

If you want a career in freelance writing, you must have confidence. Clients will pick up on your lack of confidence and won’t hire you. This is why some people thrive more than others. They may not be as talented as you but they have confidence which attracts the right people and circumstances into their lives.

Tips to being more confident

    Say every day: I am an attractive, confident, and intelligent freelance writer.
    Read self-help books that resonate and will help you.
    Take classes such as mixed martial arts or karate that will increase your confidence.

Freelance writers, you can be confident in all that you do. If you have a deep knowing that you’re a writer, don’t fight it or dwell on it. Write every day for the sake of writing. Visualize yourself earning a living from your writing and it will happen. Tell no one about your hopes and dreams because they may not understand. Remember, family and friends may not always support you. If they’re fearful or are narrow minded, they won’t understand why you want to become a freelance writer. Love them but don’t allow them to bring you down. Go after your dream with confidence and you’ll succeed. Good luck!


What is your level of confidence? Share.