Don’t be Frightened to Pitch Your Ideas

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Some freelance writers would rather have root canal than pitch their ideas to magazines or newspapers. For some reason the thought of this scares them to death! Okay, that’s a bit melodramatic. But most writers keep their brilliant ideas locked in their head. Get over the fear of pitching your article ideas because life’s too short!

You can pitch your article ideas to editors of magazines as long as you know what you’re doing. Make sure you have a “snappy” opening line or headline. You want to write a line that will catch the eye of editors and make them want to read more.

Make sure your pitch is short and to the point. Most editors require a paragraph. Before you send your pitch, read and re-read it and do a spell check. Make sure grammar and punctuation is spot on because you want to avoid sending a pitch that’s filled with errors.

If you want to be published in a magazine or newspaper, you must pitch your article ideas. Editors won’t magically appear at your door and knock on it. You must seek them out. Do a Google search for publications that you’d be interested in writing for. You could also search for publications. Of course, you could submit your ideas to your favorite publications.

Tips for creating pitches

1. Make sure your ideas are fresh or at least have a different spin to them.
2. Read the submission guidelines twice! Before you send your pitch, make sure you do everything that is requested of you.
3. Respect editors and know they’re busy people. If the guidelines state “no phone calls” respect that. Send your pitch and expect the best!
4. Write a creative, eye catching pitch that will make editors stop what they’re doing and contact you immediately.
5. Set a goal for yourself. How many pitches do you want to do each week/month? Find someone who’ll hold you accountable so you reach your goal of being published in a magazine or newspaper.

Editors are busy people so make sure you don’t call them every week asking if they read your pitch. This tactic could backfire on you. Most editors will take 6-weeks before they get back with you. Be patient, they’ll get back to you. However, if 6-weeks pass, pick up the phone or send an email. Good luck!


How many pitches do you send out per week or month week? Share.


  1. Thanks! Yeah, some people still have a tough time with rejection. Life’s too short to dwell on it. And, it could be a blessing in disguise!

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting on Savvy-Writer! Most writers and people fear rejection because they take it personally; they internalize it. Sometimes rejection is a blessing in disguise — it’s like protection!

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