Skype Can Save Your Company Time and Money

Don’t you hate it when you’ve scheduled a company meeting, only to cancel it due to horrible weather conditions? How many times are you going to reschedule because of a snow storm? Use Skype to solve this problem, and you won’t have to cancel next week’s meeting because of extreme weather.

Why Skype is an Effective Technology for Your Company
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Choose a plan that works for your company. Select one of the business plans best suited for your type of business. Choose small business, medium business, and enterprise. There’s even a Home Office plan.

Reduce technology and travel expenses. Use Skype to reduce your company’s technology and travel expenses. If you have employees around the world, it can become expensive to fly everyone to your corporate location for meetings. Instead, download Skype to bring everyone together.

Tip #1: Use Skype and your company should notice cost reductions.

Tip #2: Employees would be grateful if they could work-at-home. Have them download Skype and voilà! They’ll be happy and help preserve the earth at the same time.

Improve employee communication. Your employees can work together and collaborate on projects when you download Skype. Have them use the chat room to keep in touch with colleagues. Productivity will increase since employees will be able to work together, no matter where they are in the world.

Tip #3: Have employees hold a group chat once a month to promote goodwill and harmony within the company.

Build customer and supplier relationships. Wouldn’t it be nice to communicate with customers and suppliers around the world? When you download Skype, you’ll be instantaneously connected with them. It’s also a good way to build and strengthen these important relationships.

FYI: Click here to view and use Skype cases studies. Learn how other companies are improving their communication, profitability, and productivity.

Conduct video job interviews. A video interview reduces the stress of job interviews for both parties. Candidates won’t have to sit in traffic and worry they’ll be late. Plus, they’ll reduce frequent flier miles. Interviewers won’t have to worry about straightening up their office.

Hint #1: Both parties will have to maintain eye contact — some people struggle with this.

Hint #2: If potential candidates understood how to download Skype, they’ll probably be familiar with how to use it. This saves time on training.

It’s good for the environment. Employees and suppliers won’t have to drive to the office for meetings. Job candidates can interview from the comfort of their homes. The reduction of emissions into the air will help preserve the environment.

Tip #4. You’ll be able to show stakeholders how ‘environmentally friendly’ your company is thanks to Skype. Everyone who reduces their drive time reduces pollution in the air.

Recap of Benefits of Skype
  • Cost effective plans for your home, small, medium, or enterprise business.
  • Group chat.
  • Save money on technology and travel expenses.
  • Good for the environment.
  • Easily conduct job interviews and presentations.
  • Build and strengthen customer, employee, and supplier relationships
  • Easy to use.

Skype is convenient and easy to use. Your company can hold business meetings, conduct interviews and presentations, and chat with customers and suppliers. Most importantly, you’ll save money which can be used to grow your business — increase charitable donations too. Giving back to your community promotes goodwill.