Communication is the Key to Growing a Business

When you speak, do you say what you mean and mean what you say? Nine times out of ten, most people talk in circles. It’s like listening to a politician answer a question about the state budget! Communication is the key in any business, especially freelance writing. If you don’t know how to communicate with people, your writing will suffer.

Freelance writing appeals to most people because they get to work from home. Make no mistake about it, this is a business. In order for you to grow your business, you must communicate with others. However, you must understand their communication style. Some people don’t like the phone and prefer text, email, or IM. How adaptable is your communication style? If you can’t adapt to your surroundings, you’ll die out.

How well do you listen? Do you even know how to listen? Many people don’t have great listening skills. This is due to our “me” society. It’s all about me! Wrong! It’s not about you; it’s about the people who are your potential clients. When you meet people, be quiet. Listen to everything they have to say. Be genuinely interested in what it is they’re saying and you’ll have no problem gaining clients.

You’d think freelance writers would have impeccable communication skills. Wrong again! Many of them are used to being cocooned are from people. They forget what it’s like to have an actual conversation with people. Here’s a tip: get out of the house. Attend a networking event or fundraiser. Mix and mingle with people to exercise your communication skills.

Knowing how to communicate with others is imperative. People are from different generations and have different communication styles and ways of learning. For example, some people are visual learners. Telling them about your business without giving them a website to look at may not yield the best results. Make sure your website is on your business card. This way they can “check you out” and get a sense if your services are a match.

Communication is about connecting with people. Become a great communicator by first listening to people and then interjecting at the appropriate time. Many people are tired of being sold to and frown upon dishonesty. Be open and honest about you and your business and you’ll gain clients. Avoid selling to people because it will only deter them from working with you. Learn to sell without selling because it will take you far. Go out there and be the best communicator you can be!


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  1. You’re right about communication being connecting with people.
    I did a 2-day communication course for my work the other day and was surprised to learn that even in a normal conversation there can be four or five different levels of interaction. Learning to ‘flip’ between these levels is a challenge, but very important for good communication.

  2. That’s great Maria, a communication course is something all of us could use. I’m reading Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People; it’s been an eye opener.

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