Business Growth and Success Are in Your Hands But Do You Know How To Profit from Them?

Check out what I learned from a webinar about leadership, growth and success. It was targeted toward women, but quite frankly, the information applies to anyone who wants to start their own business or have a side income in addition to their 9 to 5 job.

Starting a Business

Most people want to start a business because they have a desire to pursue their passion, are presented with an opportunity, laid off, or they’re not ready to retire.

Entrepreneurs range in age from 18 to 70+. And why not? Multiple streams of income are a must because you can’t rely solely on one source. Even if you have a trust fund, it may dry up at some point if you’re not careful with your spending.

Some of the biggest hurdles to developing and building your business include funding startup costs (business internet, web hosting, etc.), lack of support, you don’t know if an opportunity is right for you, you’re not sure where to start, or you’re not ready to leave your job.

When it comes to financing your business, you can use your own cash and investments, ask friends and family for a loan, or get one from a bank (secured or unsecured).

It’s up to you to get clear about what you need and want and ask for it regularly.

This includes how you want to spend your time doing something you love and earning a great living from it.

Creating multiple sources is a great way to secure your financial future. And let’s face it. In today’s economy, having passive income is a MUST! After all, you never know what may lay down the road. For instance, your dog or cat may need dental work (my cat Benny ‘s cost me $1,151.65). Or perhaps your vehicle may need repairs. Whatever the case may be, it makes sense to ensure your financial present and future.

Keep in mind that staying in the game means, knowing the reality. Yes. Business growth depends on you, how you market, and the needs of your audience.

Only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more, while 50% of new businesses fail during the first five years of being open. Furthermore, 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open.

You Can Profit from an Online Business

Sobering stuff, isn’t it?

It’s also a good reminder of why you should have multiple streams of income so that you won’t find yourself in a financial disaster.

Ben Settle’s 10-Minute Workday program teaches you how to write emails every day and most importantly how to do it the right way instead of the wrong way.

If you’re worried about choosing a niche market, don’t be. Ben shows you which ones are the most profitable. If you already have a niche market, the information can help you with generate more business growth. Furthermore, this is your chance to take control of your email marketing so that you can see greater results. But keep in mind that you gave to do the work!!

The regular price for Ben’s 10-Minute Workday program is $2,500. However, you can get it for $1,500 until November 21, 2018. Also, there are no refunds. So make sure you really want to take control of your financial future by starting a profitable online business.

To find out how you can profit by sending daily emails, go here: 10-Minute Workday

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  1. Thanks for sharing such an informative and Fantastic post, I bookmarked this website and will get through all your posts. Keep sharing such nice posts

  2. Hi, Very Good Article. I really appreciate it. Well researched article. Now you got one regular visitor to your website for new topics. Keep up the Good Work Thanks for always sharing. Nicole Graham

  3. Hey, thanks for your question.

    As with any program, you have to do the work. The 10-Minute Workday Program is not a get rich scheme. Let me repeat that. The 10-Minute Workday Program is not a get rich scheme. If you follow the program and put in the time, you could see results. And as an aside, I’ve been following Ben Settle for quite some time and subscribe to his free and paid email marketing newsletter, Email Players, and I can tell you that if you put his information into practice, you can reap the benefits.

    The 10-Minute Workday Program is great for freelancers who want to become client-less, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a side business (I recommend having a side business, even if you have a 9 am to 5 pm job).

    Some of the things Ben shows you in the program are:

    – How to identify an ideal market (if you’re not already selling to one)
    – How to find a product (or you may have your own) to promote and sell
    – How to use a funnel system (people find you, opt-in, you send them an email every day with a link to a sales page, they buy, and you make money)
    – How to use a simple (one page) opt-in page
    – How to write a sales page that converts
    – How to drive traffic to your opt-in page

    Currently, enrollment is closed for the 10-Minute Workday Program. But you can always sign up to receive Ben’s free Email Players newsletter at Ben teaches you about how to use email marketing for your business, from copywriting to principles, and more. If you write cold emails (not sure if you do), you can apply his advice to these as well. I’ve done this, and the payoff has been new clients and other opportunities.

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