How to Create Marketing Emails That Get Opened

Are your email marketing campaigns opened all or most of the time? If you’re experiencing lackluster results, follow the guidelines below to increase the number of times your campaigns are opened. Remember to avoid SPAM words such as Free and Urgent. Proofread emails carefully — you never know who’s reading them! How to Create Marketing […]

Five Surface Errors that Make You Look Unprofessional

I recently signed up for a newsletter and downloaded the ‘free’ eBook that was promised to me. I started reading and proofreading the eBook (habit) and found a couple of errors within it. ┬áMistakes happen from time-to-time; however, if they happen more than once, it may be time to pay closer attention to who’s proofreading […]

How to Become an Organized Business Owner

How organized is your office or home office? What about your files? What about your computer files? I love organization! Clutter does not work for me — it never has. My home office must be neat, clean and tidy. I can get overwhelmed by too much office furniture, books and other reference materials, papers and […]

Don’t Allow Hackers to Attack and Destroy Your Website

Many small business owners and solo professionals are D.I.Y enthusiasts or do it themselves because they haven’t found a business with the products and services (customer) they’re looking for or expect. I tend to fall into the latter. When it comes to web design, I cringe and run screaming from the room when I view […]