8 Tips to Sharpening Your Creative Thinking

When it comes to creative thinking, some writers may feel they’re tapped out! If you put pressure on yourself to be creative, you’ll only stifle your creativity. Relax into it and write down whatever enters your mind. Forcing creative thinking will only push it away from you and keep you stuck in your head. This is counterproductive.

Tips to sharpening your creative thinking

Read different genres. Put down that non-fiction book and read something outside of your usual favorite genres. You can learn a lot by reading different types of material.

Daydream. When is the last time you let your mind wander? In a society that “poo-poos” daydreamers, we often forget that our imaginations can open up a world of possibilities. Allow yours to lead you to wherever it would like to go.

Be like a child. When’s the last time you went to the park? Do you remember where it is? Find the nearest park and swing on the swings. Climb the jungle gym or have a picnic lunch. A little play time can open up your mind. Bring a recorder or notebook with you because the ideas will start to flow, and you’ll want to capture them.

Sign up for a creative writing class or workshop. You don’t have to become an English or journalism major to take a creative writing class or workshop. The assignments will enhance your writing skills and improve your creative thinking.

Attend a conference. The people you meet at writers conferences can help you sharpen your creative writing. How? You’ll be surrounded by people who write for a living. They can give you pointers on how to open the channels of creative thinking.

Go for a walk in nature. Getting outside and breathing the fresh air can do wonders for your body and mind. Allow the sun to dance upon your face and warm you as you take in the beauty around you. Stare at the clouds and see the figures within them. What do you see? A lion? Butterfly? Dragon? Let your mind wander — let nature inspire you.

Meditate. Most people make excuses to avoid meditation. They range from “I don’t know how to do it to I don’t have the time.” You’d be surprised how your creative thinking will improve if you’re quiet for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day.

Brainstorm. If you have a book or article to write, do a brainstorming session. Write down whatever comes into your mind without judging it. If you question what you wrote, you’ll become stuck. It doesn’t matter if the ideas and words don’t make sense to you; the point is to get the “creative juices” flowing. The ideas and words you write may not make sense today but tomorrow they could lead you to a #1 Best Selling novel!

Sharpen your creative thinking today and tomorrow you’ll have a wealth of ideas! If you don’t take time to recharge yourself, you could become burned out and that will only hinder your creativity. There’s nothing wrong with taking a few days off to rest and relax. You just have to give yourself permission to do it!


What do you do to improve and sharpen your creative thinking? Share.