7 Deadly Sins of a Freelance Writer

Are you committing the “7 Deadly Sins of a Freelance Writer?” This is something you should never do if you want to be a prosperous freelance writer. By committing these deadly sins, you condemn yourself to a lifetime of damnation! You can avoid this is you know the deadly sins of a freelance writer. Now, go forth and and be all the freelance writer you can be!

7 Deadly Sins of a Freelance Writer

Not writing every day. If you don’t write every day, how will you strengthen your writing skills? Freelance writers who don’t write every day will have weak writing skills. It’s imperative to exercise your writing muscles if you want to be a top freelance writer. It’s no different than an athlete who wants to stay in shape. They can’t participate in competitions if they’re weak. You can’t be the best freelance writer you can be if you don’t write every day.

Listening to others who say, “You can’t have a freelance writing career.” This isn’t easy if you have family and friends who aren’t supportive. This could be hurtful but that’s life. Find people who’ll support your dream and ignore those who aren’t supportive.

Not reading. If you don’t like to read, you may not enjoy being a freelance writer. How will you hone your skills if you don’t read? There are many books that can help you strengthen your writing and freelance writing business. Purchase some of these books and educate yourself. If you’re interested in ghostwriting, you’ll want to read books by your favorite authors. When someone contacts you to ghostwrite their YA book, you’ll understand how to write and market to the YA market.

Ignoring social media. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can be your best friends if you know how to utilize them. You can find freelance writing opportunities through these networks. Also, you can connect with other writers, editors, and clients.

Not participating in networking opportunities. If you live in an area that has a plethora of networking opportunities take advantage of them. Remember, you’re in the business of solving problems and sales and marketing. How can you help? What do you offer that another freelance writer doesn’t? Be professional and make it about your clients not about you.

Being lackadaisical about proofreading. You can’t get away from this one. If you don’t like to proofread, hire a proofreader if you can afford it. Clients expect that you proofread your work. Editors expect that you proofread your work. Proofreading is here to stay!

You don’t have a blog/website. How can clients find you? If you don’t have a blog/website, you’re missing out on opportunities. People expect that you’ll have a blog/website. You don’t have to have anything fancy. All you need is a website that will attract clients/readers and showcases your writing.



  1. *Phew!* It was definitely time for a self-assessment and I’m glad that I’m on the ball with the majority of these points. =) As for #2, I still find that I succumb to my own inner unsupportive messages sometimes. =P

    Not sure if this just applies to me, but how about “Not Developing Research Skills”? Research seems essential to creating a strong business, staying up to date with the trends and writing informative non-fiction pieces!

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