20 Questions Clients Could Ask A Freelance Writer

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Question: I want to hire a freelance. What questions do I need to ask? I’ve heard horror stories from business associates that hired freelance writers who didn’t complete the work. Some writers did a terrible job. I don’t want to hire a freelance writer only to turnaround and hire another one to fix mistakes.

Answer: It’s important to review a freelance writer’s website. First, look at their portfolio. Does their writing style match what you’re looking for? Most freelance writers can write in any style, tone, or voice. Second, look for references and or testimonials. Finally, ask a business associate for a referral. They should have worked with a reputable freelance writer. You’ll be guaranteed to work with a professional.

20 Questions Clients Could Ask A Freelance Writer

1. Why did you become a freelance writer?

2. What do you like about being a freelance writer?

3. What is your most memorable writing project? What was your least favorite writing project?

4. Do you require a kill fee or a certain percentage up front?

5. What are your fees? Do you charge per word? What about per project?

6. Do you offer bundle packages? What are they?

7. How well do you meet deadlines?

8. How flexible are you if I have a ‘rush’ on a writing project? Is there an added cost for rush projects?

9. Will you notify me if you go on vacation?

10. What do you know about “black and white” SEO?

11. What other professional services do you provide besides freelance writing?

12. How well could you incorporate my keywords and phrases into blog posts?

13. Do I need to set you up as an ‘admin’ or could you send me blog posts and or articles in Word?

14. Do you provide multimedia with blog posts and or articles? Is this an extra charge?

15. How long have you been freelance writing?

16. How do you keep your writing skills sharp? Do you attend writers’ conferences? What about taking writing classes and workshops?

17. How much experience do you have with writing eBooks? What program(s) do you use?

18. Where have you been published?

19. What sets you apart from another freelance writer?

20. Why should I hire you?


Do you have any college or trade school degrees? What are they?


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