10 Easy Ways to Keep Writer’s Block Out of Your Mind

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R.L. Stine, author the Goosebumps series, was interviewed by Gotham Writers’ Workshops. He was asked about his take on writer’s block. R.L. Stine says, “I never had writer’s block. I really don’t have time for it – too many books to write.” He tells writers to keep going even when the writing isn’t easy. He makes a good point by saying, “You know you can go back and fix it.” That’s good writing advice.

There really is no reason for writer’s block because every day life provides you with ideas. Whether you listen to the news or read the newspaper, read the news online, overhear conversations, read blogs, or participate in forums; you’ll find inspiration just about anywhere at any time.

10 Easy Ways to Keep Writer’s Block Out of Your Mind

1. Stop believing in writer’s block. This can be tricky when other writers tell you writer’s block is part of being the writer’s life. God knows I wrote my fair share of blog posts about writer’s block. Kick writer’s block to the curb. Start observing your surroundings with your ears instead of your eyes.

2. Participate in writing exercises and prompts. The Creative Copy Challenge is one of my favorites. You even receive feedback on your submissions. Now that’s a novel idea!

3. Do crossword puzzles. This is an excellent way to unlock the hidden ideas in your mind.

4. Play ‘brainy’ or word video games. My mom loves AARP and plays the word games on the website. Heck, I’ve played some of the games featured on AARP. Yahoo! offers brainy and word games as well.

5. Start affirming, “There’s no such thing as writer’s block.” Affirmations are positive statements that work when you’re in a ‘good’ feeling state. They don’t work if you’re feeling down and out. A couple of affirmations for writer’s block are:

1. I have plenty of writing ideas.
2. I easily think of writing ideas.
3. I’m able to create new writing projects.

6. Join a writer’s group or circle. Gathering with other writers is a fantastic way to think of writing ideas. If you need some help brainstorming for ideas, ask your group to help you.

7. Read. When’s the last time you read a good book. Reading is good for the mind and soul. You never know what ideas will ‘pop’ into your head after reading a good book.

8. Write. You probably heard this one repeated over and over again. Here it is again: write every day. Write a poem, blog post, article, short story, or haiku. The point is to write!

9. Subscribe to writer’s magazines. Check out Writer’s Market and Writer’s Digest. These are the most popular publications for writers. Sign up for their newsletters and writer’s block will disappear overnight.

10. Believe in your writing. Sadly, some writers don’t believe in their writing. They’ve probably read or heard too many ‘horror stories’ about writers receiving rejection letters. Remember, John Grisham received 30 rejections for A Time to Kill which was eventually published and made into a movie. This can happen to you if you believe in you and your writing.