Writers Must Have a Marketing Platform for Their Books

I’m querying literary agents and have found the process to be quite interesting. No two literary agent submission guidelines are alike! It will behoove you to know what your marketing platform is because some literary agencies will ask you to explain your platform in your query letter. For example, one agency I queried is Books […]

Freelance Writers Be Professional within LinkedIn Groups

Oh boy! Sometimes I question the level of professionalism of freelance writers. I also question how ‘in touch’ with reality some of them are. Perhaps it’s a generational difference but I’m discovering that some writers in writing groups on LinkedIn are bitter and pessimistic. These are people I prefer not to associate with in my […]

Freelancers Know How to Market Themselves

Recently, I was looking for an illustrator for my client. I was taken aback by how many illustrators didn’t have a website, not even a Facebook page. A website is an effective way to promote you and your work. You can use WordPress, Weebly.com, Blogger, and other sites. You could always create a Facebook page […]

Freelance Writers Do You Have Confidence?

Some people are constantly praising others but rarely “toot their own horn.” There’s nothing wrong with complimenting people but if you constantly give them praise, you’re not projecting confidence. You can find many freelance writers around the world. In fact, you may be apart of freelance writing networking groups that have many talented writers. However, […]